The kitchen smelt like cinnamon when we left last yesterday. I’d stayed up until the early hours of the morning baking cinnamon sugar biscotti for my sensory journey of the heart at Arts Fest – an experimentation of the senses.

The night before any tour is fraught with last minute panic and a hint of anxiety, always so many things you hadn’t done that you’d meant to. Back and forth between the rush and the inevitable letting go.  Always a journey.

Literally and emotionally.

Follow for my blow blow experience of the National Arts Festival. I have some very exciting tours coming up but I can’t talk too much about that yet… but Riding Shotgun is where you’ll find all my tour stories.

Here are our show dates for July

01/07 – Graham Hotel, Grahamstown – 11pm (SOLO)

02/07 – Graham Hotel, Grahamstown – 9m (DUO)

03/07 – Amazing Stage, Village Green, Grahamstown – 11am (DUO)

03/07 – Graham Hotel, Grahamstown– 1pm (DUO)

03/07 – Pants on Fire, Grahamastown – 9pm (DUO)

04/07 – Amazing Stage, Village Green, Grahamstown – 1pm (DUO)

04/07 – Graham Hotel, Grahamstown – 3pm (DUO)

05/07 – Graham Hotel, Grahamstown – 3pm (SOLO)

24/07 – Sinkshack, Bronkhorstspruit (FULL BAND)

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch our amazing new music video! It’s a mix of physical structure and visual effects.

Director : Chloe Coetsee
Director of Photography: Rob Wilson
Visual Effects: Justin Wingate
Grading: Blade (Nic Apostoli)

Special thanks to Darling films, Media and Blade

Track ‘Neon Lights’ (Album: Be Brave) available on iTunes: