ToriWriting my first EP ‘Are We Fine Yet’ was reflex, an act of survival. It was during production of it that I started touring. I set myself the first challenge that I’ve ever actively worked towards and achieved: 100 shows for 2011.

My debut album ‘Be Brave’ told the stories of that journey.

The thing is, I like a little challenge now and again. I believe that they’re essential for personal growth. With that in mind, I’ve set myself a new one: to write 100 songs this year. That’s roughly two new tracks a week. I’m a tiny bit behind (I’ve written four so far), so let’s make that around three tracks a week.

Putting in the hours required to write 100 songs is not the challenge. The challenge involves simultaneously finding material to write about, whilst at the same time cajoling the wild creature inside of me to listen to reason and do as she’s told. Haha! No seriously… It will require adventures, excitement, experiments, tenderness, some quiet, coffee, people who make me crazy, people who make me feel safe, home and the road. So, you know, real life.

And so it begins… I’ll be playing new tracks at all my shows this year, so check out my gig guide & if you’re in the area, come and have a little listen.

On that note, I’d like to throw out the challenge to anybody reading this – choose a goal (don’t make it so big that you’ll fail at the outset, cause that defeats the point of the exercise! But make it big enough that it feels SUPER HARD), and then stick to it. Go on. I dare you. Something that makes YOU better, or the WORLD better, something you’ve always wanted to do… Life is now.

Then if you want to, email me and tell me about it. Sometimes it helps to be accountable – hence this blog post.