The sun is shining. It feels like the sun hasn’t shone in a long time. Winter got into my bones this year. It knocked me a little. But isn’t the perspective so wonderful? The contrast. I always forget, you can’t cling to a season, you’ve got to ride it out & eventually you’ll come up on the other side.

Touring is hard in winter, & lonely. When you’re running the race & your feet are cold, it’s hard to acknowledge the beauty of the landscape, the crowd on the sidelines cheering you on. We are in danger of becoming self-obsessed. Then you stumble (as we do) & the stumbling jars you back into the present moment, & you stop for a moment & take a look around you & it is glorious.

That has been the last two months.

After the album launch, I raced to the Grahamstown Arts Fest, then on tour to the Eastern Cape, CPT, Bloem, Jhb, Oppikoppi, KZN, Nelspruit. Now I’m home for a week before I head to Mozambique for FORR (Lucy Kruger & I are playing together as a duo). It’s been a whirlwind, with radio interviews & tv & good press & confusing press & lekker album reviews & online interviews & shows.

I’ve started to journal on tour for the moments it provides to take stock of this amazing life as it unfolds. I’ve been doing little drawings & setlists & press clippings & flowers & there are notes from musicians I’m touring with & it’s very ugly but it has become a tool for staying present (in fact, if anybody has been in a similar place, I’d really recommend it!).

And now to important things…

Album released – check. Album sent out – I’m on it!

Slowly but surely I’ve been gathering all the elements together & getting birds & prints made & writing notes, buying packaging & then posting packages out into the world. Slowly.

If you haven’t received your package yet, it’s either on its way or will be in the next few weeks. If you haven’t received it by the end of Oct, send me an email & we’ll see what’s happened!

But you’ve received the mp3’s right?

On another note, we’re in the process of planning an International Tour for next year (YAY! YIPPEE! YIKES!) & so if you’re there, over the sea, keep abreast of the tour dates & come to a show! Alternatively, if you’d like me to come & play in your town, contact us & we’ll see what we can arrange 🙂

Hey, don’t forget to take a walk in the spring sunshine today! I recently found out that not many foods provide Vitamin D, but the sun does! And it’s essential for strong bones

That’s all. So much love & gratitude to you all

xxShotgun Tori