Shotgun Tori & the Hounds is an indie/folk band from Johannesburg, South Africa. They make music to move you, and to move to. It’s honest-to-goodness, raw, foot-tapping road-trip music for warm-bodied, hot-blooded humans.

 The band is an amalgamation of stalwarts from the local folk scene, including singer/songwriter Shotgun Tori, and Fred, the original Hound (of Crystal Park fame). Between her sweet, road-worn vocals and his guitar-driven melodies, what you get a fresh soulful mix of country and folk, dynamic in execution and ambitious in range.

 Blood, history and a mutual love of the genre brought the band together. Between them they have played almost every festival on the South African musical landscape, and whilst we couldn’t quite call them a supergroup (that would imply fame and/or success), every member of the band is (or has been) in another band.

Four years in the making, Shotgun Tori and the Hounds are ready to release their independent, crowd funded, eponymous (fancy word for self-titled) new album. Due 28 February 2019.

In the words of someone who knows music (and who isn’t in this band or in any way a blood relative of any members of the band), the songs are ‘strong and soft and playful and vulnerable and defiant.’

So wind your windows down, turn up the volume and hitch a ride. The adventure is just beginning.

Listen if you love: Brandi Carlile, Laura Marling, Marianne Faithful, Bright Eyes, Johnny Cash, Drive-By Truckers, Martha Wainwright.

On a side note / interesting facts:

Calvin and Fred are brothers (those identical surnames are not a co-incidence).

Despite the utilization of a dog in their band imagery, ‘the Hound’ in the band’s name, is a reference to the Hound in Game of Thrones.

Band members:

Shotgun Tori – Victoria de La Harpe (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)

The Original Hound  –  Fred Van der Merwe (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukelele, Banjo)

The Hounds –  Jonathan Whittington (Bass Guitar)

                        – Calvin Van der Merwe (Drums)

A few press quotes:

“Shotgun Tori  is one serious vocal powerhouse coming out of South Africa music scene today … She blends folk, rockabilly, and alternative for a sound that can go from gritty to dreamy in just a few minutes” (USA)

“You get performers and then you get Shotgun Tori … Shotgun Tori is exactly what this country needs to put it on the map”

“One of the brighter lights in the, happily, burgeoning South African alt-folk scene, Shotgun Tori (aka Victoria Landey) is a passionate, convincing performer.The Citizen

“[Shotgun Tori] belts out her folky tunes with a sincerity that draws the crowd in.”

“heartfelt and occasionally sorrowful, but leaves you feeling like you’ve been party to something really beautiful”