It’s not every week that a little ol’ singer/songwriter such as myself gets to share stages with legends. But this week, THIS WEEK, I get to play on the same lineup as SA greats: Vusi Mahlasela, Matthew Van der Want, Chris Letcher, Louis Mhlanga, Rambling Bones, Laurie Levine etc etc etc… yup. It’s pretty amazing. I’m covered in bruises from pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I don’t make music to please radio stations (I’m really not trying to make music to displeases them either to be honest!) but rather I make music because without it I am only half a creature, one that feels strangely discontent. See, when I write music, I feel good. This makes me act like a better person, and this makes me easier to live with.  I write the music I write because when it tumbles out of my throat or stumbles off my fingers onto my strings and into my earholes, it soothes my soul. My confused, cluttered, childlike, innocent soul creature.

Music that does that generally doesn’t make a great living. If you want to hear more about that (from me, as well as Matthew Van der Want, Chris Letcher, Simba Morri & Louis Mhlanga, come through to Alliance Francaise Wed 6.30pm. It’s free, but RSVP here:

But back to what I was saying… so you learn how to enjoy things that don’t require too much ‘ash. And then you’re invited to play on stages such as these. Seriously, Vusi Mahlasela’s ‘Say Africa’ changed my world, and now I get to play after him (yes yes I’m terrified to climb up on a stage just after he’s played!!) at the Shumbashaba Music in the Fields Fundraiser on Sunday .

Music in the Fields

And then you become certain that you’re doing the right thing with your life. Yes. And the sacrifices you’ve made feel worth it. Yes. And your spectacles take on a rose-coloured tint and it feels a lot like spring. Which alright, it might be that spring is here too, but let’s all give a HIP HIP HOORAY for following your dreams! Go on then!! Sometimes the rewards aren’t what you expected and you’ll learn to love that too.

Also, on a super exciting note, ‘the Hound’ will be joining me on a bunch of shows from now on – banjo, uke, electric guitar, acoustic (he’s a multi-instrumentalist of note!). You may know him better as ‘Fredriguez’ from the Hellphones & Crystal Park. But he’s joined the ‘Shotgun’ team and the world got a bit brighter.

You can catch us jamming together this weekend (Sat 20th Sept) at the Playstation Theatre where we’ll be opening for Guyy & the Fox (AUS) and Rambling Bones (genius songwriter yoh. It’s no surprise that this man is one I’ve looked up to for ever and ages long – and that he produced my last album – which if you haven’t heard yet… YIKES? You haven’t heard it yet??? You can buy it directly from me, or from itunes)

I have all sorts of new thoughts about trying to write 100 songs, but I’ll get to that next time. In the interim though, I’m setting up a CPT tour for early Nov & a coastal treat for Dec, shout if you have places you’d like to hear me play.

That’s all for now.

Love & spring sunshine

xxShotgun Tori