Shotgun ToriThe bill for session 5 was a little different, as it featured two female artists. This may worry a lot of people – lady singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen, and all too often carry themselves through by looks and casting couch naughtiness. However, thanks to a solid approach to quality control, Floyd’s presented two spectacular artists for the critical audience to analyse and enjoy.

First up was the phenomenal Shotgun Tori, an artist often lauded for her raspy, seductive voice and familiar lyrical content. She is much more than this. To watch an artist give herself over to her art so completely is overwhelming and awe-inspiring. One minute you will be chatting the slightly-built tattooed lady, the next, you’re being mesmerised by her talent. Her body is her instrument, and every detail, from the way she rocks back and forth to the ebb of her emotion, to her bare feet, suggest honesty. Her performance kept the audience spell bound, and many a reflective face was seen. This was an experience we could all relate to, shared by a master storyteller … read the whole show review here