I’m home! But only for three weeks… and there’s an awful lot to do prior to that in order to be ready to do some back and forth pre-production whilst I’m away.
You see, being in a band is a little like herding cats (or hounds as the case may be). Trying to schedule times that work for everybody for rehearsing and arranging and recording and all those important things.
But, in between meetings with various producers and long conversations and upcoming meetings with other producers I want us to work with, we have pinned down at least one day / evening that works for everyone – it’s a bit of an experiment with a producer in JHB. A test track you might say. I won’t extrapolate until I know more.
Really though, the purpose of this update is this: I’d like you to meet the Hounds.
Ps… if the quality doesn’t look great, click on the button that looks like a cog at the bottom right of the screen – it’s the settings – you can choose a better size from there.