Shotgun Tori – Are we fine yet? – Passionate performance

Review by Bruce Dennill

One of the brighter lights in the, happily, burgeoning South African alt-folk scene, Shotgun Tori (aka Victoria Landey) is a passionate, convincing performer who’s managed to bring much of that energy and appeal to this her debut EP. Wisely, Landey’s kept her recorded arrangements simple.

Not only does that mean that what is captured can be reproduced live, but it allows her writing room to breathe – a good choice when songs are designed as vehicles with which to tell stories. Landey’s stories often have less than lovey-dovey, coffee shop themes, with Sweet Weather questioning the ethics involved in having an affair, and F*cking Therapist pointing the finger at a counselor whose ethics – again – are rather dubious.

These Birds is more conventional folk music, recalling local greats like Anton Goosen. This is heartfelt material that asks more of its listeners than to appreciate mere pretty melodies and acoustic purity, and it’s all the stronger for being more challenging. These songs will, hopefully, be a mere taster for an important future canon.

Source: The Citizen