It has been ticking for a while but few true, honest songwriters are coming forth, at least with the focus and dedication that Shotgun Tori has. It was in the spirit of taking it all in, that this album struck a chord in me as a glowing example of what I consider folk honesty.

Shotgun Tori’s voice is strong with just a dash of rasp to reflect where the themes of her music come from – straight from the underbelly of life’s experiences. All tracks on her debut album are written by Shotgun, her real name Victoria Landey, and really, as she says, the album is a result of hitting a kind of rock bottom and deciding in her ‘Lucidum intervallum’ – a lucid moment in an otherwise crazy mind, that the one thing she regretted was not having toured the world as a full-time musician.

And here she is in full glory. So full that some say they feel they have read her diary after watching one of her performances. Themes range from infidelity and heartache and otherwise from her well-weathered life; shattered love, if I may be so bold isn’t that where all music comes from?

Is she a hippie? Yup. But I have a soft spot for bare-foot performances and it does add to the allure of her brutal honesty. Although she only got things started at the end of 2010, the following year proved to be the confirmation that she was doing exactly the right thing with over 100 performances, an album, a music video, and a growing following that can only wait to see what else she can wrangle out of her heart.

She does confess that pouring so much into her music isn’t easy. It isn’t easy financially. But she does say she is happier than ever before. “I find that music is a therapy and the more honest I am (no matter how very uncomfortable and revealing that may be) the more my music speaks to people”.

The album, Are We Fine Yet?, has more than one goose bump moment and I, for one, am very keen to see her live again, very soon.

Shotgun Tori is the embodiment of a quote by Charles Bukowski, the American writer, I found on her page, “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

I love that.

Source: The New Age Online