Wednesday. Close enough to the weekend for you to start feeling the urge to go out, but still too far away to totally let loose. Puma Real Music Wednesdays are just the sultry shindig to get you over the midweek hump. An intimate affair, where music lovers of all ages congregate for a special evening with their favourite up and coming artists.

I shuffle out of the cold and into the beloved Bioscope, home to this new event, to find the usual suspects, a mix of arty types and music lovers. An air of excitements builds as people mingle around, sipping on craft beers, munching on pizzas and waiting for the show to start.

Half an hour (and a beer or two) later we start making our way into the cinema, sinking into the comfy seats and darkness.  It’s a civilized affair; no noisy hooligans, chain-smoking rebels, or shooter induced screaming. Instead, it’s good old-fashioned live music, played with passion and soul, to an attentive and appreciative audience.

Shotgun Tori, the featured musician for the night, belts out her folky tunes with a sincerity that draws the crowd in. Friendly banter between artist and audience echoes around the room and whoops of encouragement and pleasure linger after every song. The set up is simple; an acoustic guitar, a furry carpet and a string of fairy lights, creating an ambience that reminds me of an impromptu jam session between friends.

Source: JHBLive