A whole lot of raspy cut-to-the-heart feeling.

Review by Annemarie Luck.

“Who’s that girl?” The question did the rounds, like a game of broken telephone, until the answer came: “It’s Shotgun Tori.”

Someone tweeted, “She sounds like Florence, you’ve gotta get here.” Unassuming until she finds her emotional voice, Shotgun Tori was last night’s act at Puma and Rolling Stone’s Live Music Wednesdays at &Union. A little bit of folk; a little bit of country; a whole lot of raspy cut-to-the-heart feeling.

She should be comfortable on a small stage by now – she apparently played 100 shows last year, in the run-up to the release of her debut EP Are We Fine Yet? – but it’s not always easy playing to a craft-beer-drinking crowd that didn’t necessarily come to watch you. The willingness to connect with your audience is not immediately returned.

Three or four songs in, though, she found her groove and heads started nodding. Perfect as a bit of background music for a mid-week flirtation? Yes, and more.

Source: Rolling Stone